The Physical Education & Sports Science is one of the fast emerging academic disciplines in our education stream and large number of institutes offer variety of programs in teacher education specializing in Physical Education and Sports Science and sincerely strives to develop the areas of professional competence and expertise in teaching Physical Education as a major subject. The Department of Physical Education and Sports Science, Manipur University is committed to groom its teachers to be well-prepared practitioners in the field of physical education, sport science and sport pedagogy. ICETPESS We provide our trainee teachers with the most contemporary knowledge; inculcate and infuse them with the right attitudes and values. Along with strong professional preparation the mission of the Department is also to excel in research and become the leaders in Physical education and sports.
The main purpose of establishing Physical Education Programmes is to uplift the standard of physical education and sports and to produce best leaders to make our society physically fit, mentally strong, socially committed and professionally active in the North East of India. Physical education is a unique discipline which is included in school/college curriculum as it is the only program that provides students opportunities to learn motor skills, develop fitness, and gain understanding of physical activity and their benefits.
Physical education is an art and science that has grown in volumes due to the ongoing research all over the world. As a result of research new trends and areas are coming up which need to be understood practically and theoretically. The purpose of the conference is to update physical education professionals in the latest trends in physical education and sports science. We have made serious efforts to provide wide range of interesting topics from the field of physical science, physical education & yogic science presented by well-known speakers who are recognized authorities in their respective fields. In addition to presentation sessions, we are organizing tutorial lectures and practical classes for physical education professionals. We sincerely invite you to take this unique opportunity in sharing your professional knowledge and also to visit many of the scenic, historical and cultural attractions in and around the North East of India.




Department of Physical Education and Sports Science Manipur University: Canchipur, Imphal.
North Eastern Council (NEC), Government of India
National Association of Physical Education and Sports Science (NAPESS)

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Dr. Laishram Santosh Singh
Organising Secretary, ICETPESS
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Mobile: +91-8974376540
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